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Head trainer Bee and his team of trainers at our muay thai camp in Thailand have many years of experience between them in the muay thai industry as both fighters and trainers and they will teach you everything there is to know about the sport!

At the age of 21 Bee was ranked No.1 at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums in Bangkok and beat many of the Thai Champions, Kompayak Sit.Kruawt Phetarun Sor.Suwanpakdee, and despite being No.1 at the biggest muay thai stadiums in Bangkok he was unfortunate never to have the opportunity to fight for any title belts.

Bee first stepped into the ring aged 9 and is a veteran of over 300 fights, retiring at the age of 29. After 6 years in retirement Bee returned to the ring while working as guest trainer at Bulldog Gym, Sydney and had 3 fights during his stay in Australia.

Bee has also spent time in Holland training with famous fighters Melvin Manhoef, Artur Kyshenko and Badr Hari at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam and held pads for Remy Bonjasky and Gilbert Ivel at Vos Gym back in 2006.


While he was overseas Bee gained experience in K1 and MMA fighting disciplines and he incorporates some of these elements into the training programme at our muay thai camp in Thailand.

His career as a trainer started with training the young Thai boys at Sor.Sunton Gym in Bangkok while he was still a full time fighter. Bee then went on to work at many of the well known gyms in Thailand and was manager of the trainers at Fairtex in Pattaya for several years. He first started training ‘farang’ western students in 2002 at Chay Yai Gym in Chiang Mai and went on to build his first muay thai camp in Pai, Thailand named ‘True  Bee Gym’ in 2006.



  • Fight Name: Monkoldej Sitthepitak
  • Date of birth: 13th January 1975
  • Home province: Nong Khai
  • Experience: 20 years of experience as a fighter
    300+ fights, 247 wins, 49 losses, 8 draws
    16 years experience as a trainer
  • Achievements: Ranked No. 1 as Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok aged 21


  • Fight Name: Nong Ae Sitborvong
  • Date of birth: 25th July 1973
  • Home province: Nong Khai
  • Experience: 15 years of experience as a fighter
    220 fights, 163 wins, 52 losses, 5 draws
    14 years experience as a trainer
  • Achievements: Fought on TV in Channel 7’s Muay Thai Tournament


  • Fight Name: Sakmongkon
  • Date of birth: 16th July 1980
  • Home province: Maehongson
  • Experience: 10 years experience as a trainer, 80+ fights.
  • Achievements: Successful (Western Boxing) fighter during his service in the Royal Thai Army



  • Fight name: Wang T.Muangthoen
  • Date of birth: 15th June 1997
  • Home Province: Nong Khai
  • Experience: 9 years as a fighter, 100+ fights, 4 years as a trainer
  • Achievements: The youngest member of our team, fought on TV at Max Muay Thai promotion in Pattaya


  • Fight name: Fahseetong Muangchaiyapoom
  • Date of birth: 12th March 1974
  • Home Province: Nakhon Ratchasima, Koh Rat
  • Experience: 15 years as a fighter, 250+ fights, 10 years as a trainer
  • Achievements: Beat Kompayak Malaithong in Channel 3 Isuzu Tournament and fought Chinnarach Praranchai. Many of Tong’s fights feature in Golden Era Muay Thai compilations on Youtube!


  • Fight Name: Wanchana Pleh27
  • Date of birth: 19th March 1982
  • Home province: Ubon Ratchathani
  • Experience: 15 years as a fighter, 150+ fights, 9 years as a trainer
  • Achievements: Bangkok stadium fighter, trained with the Hongthong twins


  • Fight Name: Moohin Sakchainarong
  • Date of birth: 2nd October 1985
  • Home province: Ubon Ratchathani
  • Experience: 12 years as a fighter, 100+ fights, 9 years as a trainer
  • Achievements: Bangkok stadium fighter, trained with Saiyok


  • Fight name: Usaman Ormingkwan
  • Date of birth: 20th April 1982
  • Home Province: Buriram
  • Experience: 14 years as a fighter, 170+ fights, 7 years as a trainer
  • Achievements: Fought on Thai TV channel 9 Muay Thai promotion

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