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Everything you need for training

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The team of trainers at our muay thai camp is dedicated to teaching muay thai through demonstration, explanation and practice. Whether you’re a beginner with no previous experience or a fighter looking to get fit and develop your technique in preparation for a fight, you will benefit from our trainer’s expertise.

We have a large 20ftx20ft ring at our muay thai camp for technique work and pad work, full length mirror wall, 6 heavy punching bags, 4 small punching bags and spacious floor area with padded mats throughout the gym for sparring, circuits, shadow boxing and muay thai technique instruction with the trainers.

Our muay thai camp has a wide range of workout equipment including free weights, bench press, TRX training, multi gym machines, pull up bars, skipping ropes, exercise bicycles and large tyres.

Head trainer Bee speaks excellent English and his brother Ae and team of trainers all speak English well enough to be able to guide our students and fighters through the technical elements of muay thai training. The team will explain and demonstrate the techniques clearly and give students training at our muay thai camp feedback and corrections to ensure they improve and develop during their stay.

Our camp is equipped with everything you need for training. Hand wraps, boxing gloves and shin pads are provided for all students.

A variety of accommodation is available in close proximity to the muay thai camp ranging from budget rooms to luxury bunglows.
We have a small Pro Shop with Charnchai shorts & T-shirts available to purchase as well as mouth guards, ankle supports, hand wraps and boxing linament.

Our muay thai camp is located only a few hundred metres from Pai hospital on the left hand side of the road, next to Mountain Blues Cottage resort and 10 minutes from the centre of Pai town on foot.

Bee and the team work closely with our students who choose to fight here in Thailand. If you would like to represent our muay thai camp in Thailand the team can organise fights in Chiang Mai, Mae Rim, Maehongson, Mae Sariang and the surrounding areas or at one of the festivals in Pai, Thailand. If you are a high level fighter with plenty of fight experience, Bee can organise fights in Bangkok and Pattaya and overseas in China and Malaysia.

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Our camp is especially good for beginners as Bee and his team of trainers possess the patience and willingness to teach basic technique thoroughly and properly to all students as well as introduce new techniques as students build their muay thai skills and fitness.

Training alongside our more advanced students and fighters, newcomers to the sport are expected to fully commit themselves and work hard at every session, sweat a lot and become totally addicted to muay thai!

Our training programme strikes an excellent balance between Thai and Western style training to ensure each individual student’s needs are met and the Thai traditions and culture of the sport are preserved.



Morning training starts at 8am until 10am and afternoon training starts at 3pm until 5pm from Monday to Saturday.

For those with upcoming matches arranged by Bee and the team, the team will adapt the regular training programme to suit your needs.

Foreign fighters run 10-15km leaving from the gym at 7am. Most students meet at the camp at 7.30am for a 5 or 7km run before morning sessions but if you prefer, you can skip rope or warm up on one of the exercise bikes.


Students training with us at our muay thai camp are taught by trainers who love Muay Thai and care about teaching technique properly.
The training programme covers all of the following:

  • Warm up (skipping rope or 5km/7km/10km run)
  • Muay thai skills & techniques (basic – advanced)
  • Pad rounds with trainers
  • Clinching (PM sessions)
  • Sparring (Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Bag work drills
  • Strength & conditioning circuits
  • Abdominal & core strengthening workout at the end of every session
  • Cool down & stretching
  • Additional training elements for fighters


On Wednesday and Saturday mornings we run from the camp to the big white buddha at Mae Yen Temple for step/hill sprints.

The team track your progress and introduce new skills and techniques according to your development to ensure you get the most out of your time at our muay thai camp in Thailand.

At our muay thai camp, Wednesdays and Saturdays training sessions are dedicated to sparring.

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