Muay thai fighters building fight careers – move to Bangkok

Muay thai fighters building fight careers – move to Bangkok

Our promising young Thai fighters Mahamongkol and Denmuangpai recently moved down to Bangkok to train at Wor.Wangprom a newly opened gym owned and run by Bee’s former ‘big boss’ from his fighting days in the golden era of muay thai. It’s a great opportunity for Bee’s son Off and his training partner With who have been traveling back and forth between Pai and the capital on a regular basis for fights at the main stadiums in Bangkok for a while now. Being surrounded by other Thai fighters of similar age, skill and experience is guaranteed to take their fighting game to the next level and propel their fight careers more rapidly now they’re at the epicentre of all muay thai activity. They have the chance to really start making a name for themselves and build their reputations among the elite fighters on the Bangkok fight scene.

It’s a move that has been on the cards for a few months however there were some complications to deal with before it could all go ahead. Thankfully these issues were resolved and Off and With were given the green light and free to embark on their new adventure down in Bangkok. We’re really excited for our rising muay thai stars and cannot wait to see how their fight careers develop from here on!

The re-match – Mahamongkol vs Sangtanongnoi Lukbaanyai Β 

On Saturday 18th March, Mahamongkol had his first fight since relocating to Bangkok in a rematch with Sangtanongnoi Lukbaanyai at Lumpinee Stadium. The fights were broadcast live on Now TV Channel 26 in the evening so our students training with us in Pai all gathered around the TV at the gym with the Charnchai trainers to watch all the action. Mahamongkol lost the previous match against Sangtanongnoi by a very close decision, it was a disappointing result for our young fighter. On Saturday evening however entering the ring off the back of a defeat he came out with style and confidence, putting on an impressive display of his technical skill. Mahamongkol dominated Sangtanongnoi in the clinch, using his rapid jabs to stun his opponent and then close in for the clinch where he does his damage with his piercing knees. The referee stopped the match in the fourth round when Sangtanongnoi dropped out of the clinch having taken one knee too many which seemed to knock the wind out of him. A superb victory for Mahamongkol and a great start at the new gym.

Denmuangpai also won his first match fighting out of the new gym with a round 3 KO at Lumpinee Stadium at the beginning of March. A positive start for Off and With and exciting times ahead for both of them as they embark on a serious muay thai fighting career in Bangkok!

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