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Master Bee and his team of trainers at our muay thai camp in Pai have many years of experience between them as both fighters and trainers. They will teach you everything there is to know about the sport

The team of trainers at our muay thai camp is dedicated to teaching muay thai through demonstration, explanation and practice. Whether you’re a beginner with no previous experience or a fighter looking to get fit and develop your technique in preparation for a fight, you will benefit from our trainer’s expertise.

Master bee

Born and raised in Nong Khai province, Northern Isaan, Bee’s first steps into the ring at age 9 were driven by survival. As one of Thailands poorest provinces, it’s common for young boys to enter the ring to raise money for the family to eat, and it’s this pressure that made Isaans reputation as the breading ground of the top level fighters. The literal fight to survive, forging these boys into men made of steel.


Bee was paid 20baht ($0.75) for that first fight with 100% going to the family, and as his natural ability and dedication set him apart from the rest, he rose through the ranks, achieving national fame, his income always taking care of the family first. At the age of 21, Bee reached the apex of his success in the ring and was ranked the number 1 fighter at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadia in Bangkok, beating the famous Thai champions Kompayak Sit.Kru-Ott and Petarung Sor Suwanpakdee. Having amassed 300+ fights, and around 250 wins, Bee retired at the age of 29 and pursued his career as a trainer.

When GQ Magazine contacted us to ask if we could train a crazy French guy to fight in only 1 week, we said ‘no, this is crazy!’ But, we realized the man was crazier than the idea, and with or without us, he was stepping in that ring. So check out Albans journey from amateur to fighter, in 7 crazy days !!!
Check out this footage of a young Bee fighting Jaoveha Luktupfah at Lumpinee Stadium, broadcast live on Fox Sports. This 5 round thriller shows Bee at his best.
Our Thai fighter, and Bees son, Mahamonkol, making us proud as he follows in his fathers footsteps. Watch him taking the Thailand National Champion title in 2020.

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