Prices and accommodation

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What we offer

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At our muay thai camp in Thailand our team of professional trainers focus on teaching you all the techniques thoroughly and properly. The trainers track your progress and introduce more advanced skills once you’ve perfected the basics to ensure you get the most out of your stay at our muay thai camp!

Our training prices include 2 sessions per day.

Students who train for 3, 6 or 12 months receive special value rates.

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Training prices

1 week training – 2,500 baht // 1 week training+meals – 3,300 baht
1 month training – 9,000 baht // 1 month training+meals – 12,000 baht
3 months training – 25,000 baht // 3 months training+meals – 35,000 baht
6 months training – 48,000 baht // 6 months training+meals – 65,000 baht
12 months training – 92,000 baht // 12 months training+meals – 125,000 baht

Full day training (2 sessions) – 500 baht // Half day training (single session) – 350 baht

Equipment Hire – 100B per day, 500B per week, 1200B per month. We have a small selection of used gloves which can be used by students attending for only one session; students attending for 1 week+ can bring their equipment, or buy or rent from here.

Private sessions – 600 baht per hour or 1000 baht with Mr Bee

Meal plan prices

Our meal plan is 800 baht per week and includes two thai meals per day taken after the morning and afternoon training sessions from Monday to Saturday or you can pay as you go, 70 baht per meal. Please inform us of any dietary requirements before arriving at our muay thai camp.

We do not train on Sundays, our kitchen is closed so you are free to sample the great food on offer at the restaurants, street food vendors and markets in Pai town.

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Our muay thai camp accommodation

We understand the importance of a good night’s rest when you’re training intensively which is why we have a specially selected range of accommodation for you to choose from all offering clean, fresh and affordable bungalows and rooms in peaceful locations in Pai.

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Located just a short scooter ride from the gym (approximately 6 minutes) our accommodation offers our students bright, spacious rooms equipped with fan or A/C, fridge, and free wifi internet. We have a beautiful garden as well as space to read, work and socialise inbetween sessions.

Room type and price per month

Large room with fan 6,000 baht N/A
Large room with A.C 9000 baht N/A

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Prices for 2 people sharing a twin bungalow and during high season (mid October to January) will vary, if you plan to share a bungalow or train in peak season please let us know and we will send you the price details.

Students unable to travel by scooter can be placed in one the guesthouses within walking distance, with which we have special student prices available.

Flying directly into Chiang Mai airport? Take a taxi to the bus station in Chiang Mai to book a minivan to Pai, the taxi fare should be no more than 300 baht. Minivans depart from the main bus station throughout the week from 7:30am then every hour until 5:30pm.

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