The Gym

Our team of trainers is all about making muay thai super fun and easy to pick up for beginners, fine tuning the intermediates to step into the ring, and providing the pros with the tools they need to excel. So whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned fighter aiming to level up, our trainers have you covered. We have an incredible 16 of them (that number still surprises even us!) so there’s always someone on hand.

We’ve one full sized ring, 12 bags and a huge floor area with padded mats for sparring, circuits, shadow boxing, padwork and break out technique sessions on all things muay thai.

Head trainer Bee is a pro in English having spent time in Australia and the UK, and his brother Ae, along with the rest of the team, can teach you in English too. They’ll break down all the muay thai moves in ways you can understand, and explain and display those hard to master techniques.

No worries about gear either – we’ve got you covered with hand wraps, boxing gloves, and shin pads for all our students – either to borrow for one time visits, or to rent and buy for longer stays.

A variety of accommodation is available in close proximity to the muay thai camp ranging from budget rooms to luxury bunglows.
We have a small Pro Shop with Charnchai shorts & T-shirts available to purchase as well as mouth guards, ankle supports, hand wraps and boxing linament.

Our muay thai camp is located only a few hundred metres from Pai hospital on the left hand side of the road, next to Mountain Blues Cottage resort and 10 minutes from the centre of Pai town on foot.

Bee and the team work closely with our students who choose to fight here in Thailand. If you would like to represent our muay thai camp in Thailand the team can organise fights in Chiang Mai, Mae Rim, Maehongson, Mae Sariang and the surrounding areas or at one of the festivals in Pai, Thailand. If you are a high level fighter with plenty of fight experience, Bee can organise fights in Bangkok and Pattaya and overseas in China and Malaysia.

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